Sacred Heart Choir

6780756_orig Introduction


Reference to: CONSTITUTION ON THE SACRED LITURGY SACROSANCTUM CONCILIUM Clause 29: “Servers, lectors commentators, and members of the choir also exercise a genuine liturgical function. They ought, therefore, to discharge their office with the sincere piety and decorum demanded by so exalted a ministry and rightly expected of them by God’s people. Consequently they must all be deeply imbued with the spirit of the liturgy, each in his own measure, and they must be trained to perform their functions in a correct and orderly manner.” Purpose: Assist the laity to praise god and to engage in masses through singing and chant,


Major roles include

  • To serve during masses, wedding ceremonies and funerals.
  • The choral group member should live a faithful life and we become full of the spirit of Jesus Christ. The practice of faith would equip us to better serving the parish so as to narrow the relationship between man and God.

Leader: Teresa Chan Practice: Every Tuesday 7:30pm

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